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Early 1836 Atlas - "Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens" by Elijah H. Burritt, Third edition, 14" X 16", contains maps and plates, with high rag content paper, the constellations of the winter and Summer constellations are shown with beautiful hand-colored illustrations of  images of Greek mythology over them. Condition is fair to poor.  It is complete, but the sheets are separated.  It was folded and the corners and edges of the covers and the pages are rough.  There is also discoloration with age.  Although this atlas has suffered from time, it is still an enchanting piece of history.    #FW30778    $175.00....


U. S. A. STERLING", 204.2 g or 6.6 oz. OF STERLING SILVER, about 9 1/2" - 9 5/8" long, I am guessing these are from the 1950's - 1960's, monogrammed with a "C", excellent condition with no real damage.  No repairs or dents.  There is light over all scratching that would come with light use.  In a few places (particularly the back of the bowls where the pieces would be laid down), there are a few more distinctive scratches, but nothing really detracting or that stands out as a defect.  Again, there is no real damage, just wear.

A silver cloth pouch (only one pouch) will be included, but it is quite grubby and has a couple of food stains on it.  I did not try to wash it as I did not want to diminish its protectiveness. 

#DGN30989    $210.00 .....

1887 CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA, by Rhamanthus M. Stocker, FIRST EDITION, very hard to find, R.T. Peck & Co., 851 pages with illustrated portraits and map, complete, good condition with no significant damage to the pages but the cover has come off completely    FA11001    $285.00




ORIGINAL BERNARD GERSTNER WATERCOLOR SEASCAPE PAINTING, with seagulls, probably 1980's, signed, listed artist, PROBABLY OF CAPE ANN OR GLOUCESTER MASSACHUSETTS, 14" x 11" for the whole frame, double matted, measure inside the matte (actual painting) is  7 3/4"x 4 5/8", double matted in a chrome or stainless steel or aluminum frame, print is in as near mint as possible, matte is in near mint condition with one tiny dark spot on the matte - it detracts very little, Frame is in good to very good condition with light overall scratching and a few scratches that are more pronounced       #FA30993     $145.00 .....


.1959 PENNWOOD DIGITAL NUMECHRON TYMETER TV CLOCK, model 700, works fine, but makes low working noise, lights up, marbleized burgundy plastic casing and cream plastic digits, 5 1/2" x 5" x 3 1/2", very good condition, casing and crystal has some scratches and wear, small split on the crystal plastic around the light on/off switch for the light,  these are not uncommon, but they are in great demand    #25313    $85.00



ART NOUVEAU EROTIC MERMAID CIGARETTE CASE, signed "SILVEROIN", late 1800's to early 1900's, with three mermaids --  the one at the top left is arched back to kiss the one on the top right, the third one's tail is intertwined with the other 2, all around them are waves  -- it is easier to see the image in person than on my photos (shininess causes too much glare); case is a curved pocket shape to go into a man's pocket; I have been told variously that silveroin is "a nickel silver", "a nickel alloy" and "white brass".  I gave it a light polishing so I could be certain to report the  condition correctly, and it polished up like silver;
Inside the case is a springed piece of metal to hold the cigarettes in place; the case is  are about 3 1/2" - 3 1/4" long, It is about 1/2" thick on the edges and about 3/4" thick in the middle;

Condition: Overall, this ia a lovely piece  -- looking bright and smooth.  The top of the case with the scene is in excellent condition.  I cannot call it perfect because it does have some very light overall scratching which would come from light use -- but it is very light and does not detract from the piece.   There are no repairs or dents.  The sides show slightly more wear, but again nothing detracting.  It is obvious that the previous owner  took special care to protect the top of the piece because the the bottom does show wear.  It has some scratching and a line of a disruption in the surface (It does not look like corrosion or pitting, but it is more in the surface than a scratch) on the bottom right corner.  The bottom looks much better than it does in the picture as overall the back looks shiny.  The flash over-emphasizes the scratches of course.    #TB30990   $130.00    HOLD.....


RARE 1875 PARIS EXPOSITION INTERNATIONALE  METAL DIGESTER, "SUSTENTEUR LUCOTTE",  Victorian era, French made, It is marked on the lid with a double circle.  The left circle has what looks like a picture of machines and fabric and says, "Exposition Internationale".  The right circle has part of a wreath (laurel?) and says "Paris 1875".  The other side of the lid says "SUSTENTEUR LUCOTTE".  The "sustenteur" means digester in French.  I am pretty certain that Lucotte is the maker of the piece.   Over the double circle there is "Me  .....  gent".  I gather from my research it ws supposed to say "Medaille D'Argent"  (which I think means it won a silver medal for design at the Exposition).  I do not know if the rest of the letters have worn off or if it was just a poorer pressing -- I am inclined to think it is a poorer pressing.  A digester was for making an overcooked stew which was used to feed invalids or for travel.  Typically, digesters have calcium deposits on the inside. The top screws down tight for the cooking. 
The hallmark is a "L" a bee (representative of Napoleon) and then a "C", the 2 on the bottom with the hallmark is usually indicative of the weight of the metal, this seems like the metal is pretty heavy.  I think it is probably pewter  although it is not marked pewter.
The pitcher measures 6"  high.  It is about 5 1/2" wide at the widest point.  It is 3" in diameter at the base.  The mouth of the digester is 3 1/4" in diameter.
The condition is good to fair.   There are dents around the body and lid as shown and some light overall scratching.  the lid screws down very tight still.  The lid has some heavier scratches in the one spot as shown in the top photo.  There are some irregularities in the tone of metal where it has not aged uniformly.  There are some very light lines (like drip lines) which I think have come from an earlier cleaning.  I have not cleaned or polished this item.  It has a nice patina.
There is discoloration on the bottom which I believe is due to the mineral deposits from being cooked in water (which is how I gather the digester is used to cook).  There are also calcium deposits on the inside of the piece.  Calcium deposits usually come out with Lime Away and a little elbow grease.

These antique digesters are very hard to find.  This one is particularly special and rare because it is from the Paris Exposition of 1875.

#K31119    $85.00 .....


VINTAGE (probably Victorian) RED BEADED PURSE, with single black bead deliberately sewed into the purse on each side leading me to believe it may be a native American trade piece, but I  do not know much about that area of knowledge, 5 1/2" wide, 8 " long, 9' long including the fringe, red gabardine hand-sewn interior lining, cord pull string, fine condition with 2 strands of the fringe missing and some minor damage to the main part of the purse (I believe all the beads are there), the cord seems to have faded since it is now almost brown    #FS15253    $85.00    NOW $70.00



1956 INTERNATIONAL SILVER CO. "LADY DENSMORE" ROGERS SILVERPLATE SET, service for 12, plus 6 serving pieces.  66 pieces in all. There is one extra slot in the box, but I doubt anything went there as it seems 66 pcs is a common size set.  This set is in its original box (wooden sides and bottom but cardboard top on the top section).  It also has its original paper saying that the set cost $129.95 in 1956 plus the original  guarantee that  the plate is Rogers reinforced plate AA.  The condition is excellent.  there is light tarnish and probably some light scratches.  It does not look like it was used much.  The box is a bit worn, but not too bad and it is still sturdy and strong.  I believe this pattern is also known as WOODLAND ROSE.      #K31094    $130.00...    SOLD


LATE 1800's EARLY 1900's ANTIQUE VICTORIAN, BRASS ORIENTAL CALLIGRAPHY BRUSH TRAY, with birds, houses(?) and water, JAPANESE OR CHINESE, A WORK OF ART, 2 3/4" X 14", made of brass and the decoration has great detail, the decoration comes through to the reverse side, but not in as much detail.  There are 3 groups of 4 holes through the tray.  I do not know why they are there, but I am confident they are original to the piece. The tray has a lovely (although uneven) original patina.  I was told the dark spots of patina will come right off with a low abrasive polish, but I do not believe in messing with patina as I prefer the older patina.  I will leave it up to the buyer to decide what s/he prefers. It is a fairly heavy piece for its size.  I got about 7 oz. Very Good condition. The tray is straight and has no dents.  There does not appear to be any scratches on it.  The only defect I see is the uneven patina which has created dark spots on it.     #MIJ31130     $50.00

1905 PRETTY PRIMER BOOK with CHROMOLITHOGRAPH COVER OF CHILDREN PLAYING WITH DOG AND DOLL, W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago, earlier reader with little stories about things young people like, lots of small illustrations in the form of low-quality engravings, black and white only; lots of dogs illustrations including Pugs, Saint Bernards, Spaniels, Terriers and a Collie; 32 unpaginated pages, 7 1/2" x 9 3/4", good condition with significant wear on the corners and edges of the covers, some minor scratches and soiling on the covers,  the first 10 pages (5 sheets) have small tears, the original owner wrote name and date in pencil inside the cover, some discoloration on the inside of the covers from the glue used for binding     #SP29434    $36.00 

1923 WEDGWOOD JASPERWARE MAGAZINE AD, 9 1/4" x 12 3/4", near mint condition with a light bump (not a crease) on the top right corner    #AP25811    $12.00

1947 GOLD MEDAL FLOUR AD WITH WEDGWOOD QUEENSWARE PLATE AND DESSERT PLATES, WEDGWOOD (COLONIAL) BLUE ON WHITE , 10 1/4" X 13 1/2", near mint condition with a few very small light bumps (not creases) on the top edge    #AP25813    $4.50

Feel free to ask for photos

SUNSHINE AND SHADOW IN NEW YORK, by M. H. Smith, Publisher: Hartford, 1869; no dust jacket as issued, brown leather with black spine panels with gold printing, 718 pp. plus ads and 12 reproduced full-page engraving illustrations, On N.Y.C. society, parties, important people (e.g. John Jacob Astor, Horace Greeley, P. T.  Barnum, Vanderbilt), crime, police force, corruption, prison, newspapers, religions ( Roman  Catholics, Jews, Methodists) the Bowery,  theaters (seems NY was no place for 1st class actors or drama at the time), poverty important merchants, clergy, Wall Street, churches, author gives important (and often amusing and unamusing) glimpses of Victorian values and mores with his comments on all, very good condition with strong spine, general wear on the cover as well as more wear on the edges and corners, pages are clean and in super condition except for a considerable amount of foxing, one tear on one of the end pages    #8949    $75.00

Lone Ranger tattoo picture book.
1950 FIRESTONE FALL AND WINTER CATALOG, Elmira New York, 66 pages total, 16 pages of toys including Firestone Pedal cars (torpedo auto, dump truck, fire truck, Fire Chief, station wagon, and tractor), bikes, wagons, mechanized Structo Gas Tank Truck, mechanized roller coaster, mechanized Milton Berle car, Erector Sets, Toni doll and other dolls, Firestone Service Station playset, Keystone Farm set, Marx mechanical Freight Train, Marx electric Streamliner train set, Mechanical Disney Train set (lithographed set including a car that says "Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Meteor"), Lionel Train sets, Lionel illuminated freight shed, Lionel Coal Conveyor, Firestone Delivery Truck, Doepke Euclid truck, Doepke Mobile Crane, Pepsi-Cola truck, other die-cast steel trucks, and  Daisy Red Ryder 1000-shot Air Rifle, plus lots of household, kitchen, and automobile items, ALSO Savage and Stevens guns, rifles and shotguns; 8 1/4" x 11", fine to excellent condition with some mild wear on the edges and corners    #TY28842    $35.00


LITTLE BITTY RAINDROP, by PEGGY USHER, illustrated by Marguerite Hanson, children's book, Tell-a-Tale Books, Whitman Publishing Co., 1958, 31 pp, unpaginated, hardcover, 5 1/2" x 6 1/2", very good condition with some wear on the edges, corners and spine, crayon on the inside of the covers, previous owner's name in ink (childish scrawl) on the front endpage, some mild soiling to pages here and there    #BK30057  $65.00 

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VERY KITSCH PLASTIC STATUE OF LIBERTY, probably from the 1950's - 1960's but possibly from as early as the 1930's, about 8 3/4" high, near mint condition    #29001    $18.00



" the  Rains Came ... and then FLOODS!", 1949 PREVENT FOREST FIRES POSTER, U. S Department of Agriculture, 12 3/4" x 18", has been folded; the left side is there it just did not fit in my scanner, very good condition, crisp, tack holes in each corner, some crinkling around the center fold    #FA30200    $28.00....

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VERY RETRO COLORFUL 1960's PLASTIC "LOVE" WALL HANGING, all of the "e" is there - it just did not all fit on my scanner, about 18" x 11", very good condition, the bottom serif on the "L" is fragile    #HPY30069    $18.00



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